From grayscale to colour. Down below is the color version I made based on the same gray scale values I drew as shown above.
I also added a halftone effect on both b&w and coloured versions.
Down below the photo of the Spidey Infinity toy I found out on the internet and I used as references for my drawing.

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Here is a cartoon character design of a bat I had in my mind for a while and wanted to use for my Art classes, teaching all the process of character creation as a soft introduction to character design and developpment and I find it is also a good way to cover some good points in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.
Spring Apple
As an Art teacher, here is one of the numerous digital drawing and painting courses I created to explain values and how to use colours on a simple shape and to try to render a proper apple under a lighting atmosphere chosen such as a morning in springtime outdoors. I also provide through this course some good digital technics in Adobe Photoshop, to replicate traditional art in digital medium. Once they have achieved this painting following my guidance and demo, I generaly ask students to try to make this exercise using other lighting atmosphere.
Petit Pierre
Here is a drawing I designed inspired by one of my 2 bros, called Pierre and dedicated to him. He used to cry a lot as an oversensitive little boy, and also moved a lot and got bruises at school fighting as a little brawler and got back home with a black eye. I remember he always injured himself doing stunts to make all the kids around laughing and having a good time.
Some traditional portraits I painted using soft pastel. I like in general to approach the human gestures, eye and face expressions, the values and colours to give an interesting rendering as much as I can. Then, as an artist I have, since my childhood, observed a lot all my environment and people around to fill my visual memory over the years, and I always had this need to draw everything.
Long ago one of my very first digital painting thanks to Aaron Blaise animator artist and more and his very interesting You Tube channel and courses content on his website, I felt so inspired by him then I binge watched all the videos he uploaded, I found lots of commun points in his artistic path and mine and his outlook. I learnt great technics from him. So here is a cute composition I created mainly to work on the story telling, the colours and values and once again the fur. The only photobashing picture I blended on this painting was actually a photograph of the leaves of my hazelnut tree taken at my home garden in Saint-Jeannet and visible here on the very background, I thought it was a nice and easy way to complet the illustration. All the rest had been digitaly hand drawn.
Cutie Pie
Another Art course I created to teach colours and values designing a cutie pie, I think it is a good way also to explain how to paint fur digitaly with no downloaded brushes.
Jerry Mouse HNY
Here is the full process of a short animated clip I made drawing Jerry Mouse fighting the Covid 19. Another work I made and used as a course to teach mainly The used of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to work in Adobe Animate and Adobe premiere pro. Of course I give all along some advices of the basics of 2D animation using the also both of my all time fav books of Preston Blair and Richard Williams.
Canon Boy
Here is a very simple and cartoon character I designed for the drawing classes and then to introduce softly the students to the art of character design and developpment, I generaly start these courses with simple shapes so that it's comprehendable by everyone and even the guys who are very debutants, as this course covers lots of digital technics and should I say organisation using Adobe Photoshop, then after, based on the knowledge they get from this course, students can go further and increase their level through more complicated design for their film school production.
Saint Seiya
The goal was to be inspired by the original St Seiya manga Character from the Knights of the zodiac anime, using its famous gesture and the challenge was to change the lighting from the ref and to build an all new composition from scratch and which doesn't exist from all the ref pix we can find out on the internet. The topic here was mainly to study, compo, gesture and values and have the pleasure also to draw a Manga character I liked so much when I was younger. I made this drawing using Adobe Photoshop and the final rendering using Adobe After effects. I uploaded here the timelapse of my all drawing process.
Some traditional cat portraits I painted using soft pastel. It's mainly to try to paint fur and to be accurate in my colour interpretation...A black cat is not black :)...Indeed there are many other coulours in his fur such as green or blue, brown added to the values that makes the proper rendering of fur. The first drawing had been made using sanguine pencil and charcoal observing my cat around, as a very good exercise to capture the cat expressions.
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