As shown below, for the Mug creation procss I made a model sheet based upon some provided ref pix. Then, as a starting point I used Blender to build up the basic 3D geometry of this props and carried on using ZBrush for the fine details and ornement to be as accurate as possible and close to the original model.
As you can see on the video under, after I worked on the mesh clean retopology and UV Layout using both Blender and ZBrush I finally get to Substance 3D for all the baking and texturing part.
For the old book creation I used also Blender as a starting point for the polymodeling. To get ideas and inspiration for the dust jacket design I browsed the internet as I wanted to mature a meaningful idea, this is how the book title Carpe Diem came to my mind. Then I sculpted the engraving and embossing using some efficient ZBrush technics.   
As presented below, on this sped up video, I made the mesh retopology and UV layout using both Blender and ZBrush, and ended up this 3D asset Baking and texturing using Substance 3D.
As shown below, I used Adobe and ZBrush to sculpt the wooden planks where the props will be placed. 
Then I made the retopology and UV layout of these planks using both Blender and ZBrush, and the Baking and Texturing using Substance 3D.
To complete this journey I exported to Unreal engine all the props and textured I created + added the apple and the basil scans. I first of all set up a layout with some cameras and lights. Made the UE materials and worked straight after on some fine adjustments in Unreal to obtain the presented graphic result you can see on top of this webpage. 
I also added to the clip Harry Potter beautiful movie film soundtrack and completed the UE cinematics editing in Adobe Premiere Pro. 
Here is the model sheet of Harry Potter Mug I used as a base to create it as a 3D real time asset.

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Dark Tarot
I created some of the merch pieces for this game using 3D scultping and printing technologies and my traditional art and molding skills. I'm happy to share with you pix of this released game so that we can appreciate through these visuals its very High end and polished quality in all the ways. Also I had been fortunate to work with 2 awesome and talented Illustrators FORTIFEM, you can see on the last pic they are on the wooden floor almongst their kraft. As I'm in admiration for their graphic art and as I think it's valuable to be working with great artists, I posted the illustrations they created on the cards and packaging as well as it gives a better idea of the overall game quality, they made a colored versions and also black and white, I really like the rendering of this project created by Maxime Le Dain and published by Bragelonne Games.
Sonic Super Team
I created all the minis for this Sonic table top game released in Europe using 3D sculpting and printing technologies and my traditional art and molding skills. I also made the meshes retopology for these 8 characters and the texturing to help for the teaser.
Flash Light 1950
Here is a flash light I created from scratch based on the ref pic showed at the bottom of this page. I like to create low poly assets and make them look realistic in their shape, textures and overall aspect. I wanted to push some technics in Substance 3D Pt such as the anchor point functions and many others. I designed the seahorse pic and use it in the height channel to keep being close to the ref but with creating another logo. Then I used ZBrush for all the modeling, mainly with the Zmodeler brush, and also Substance 3D.
I created this gramophone using Houdini Side FX, as I wanted to approach the Houdini technics for low poly modeling with nodes compare to 3D poly modeling in Blender or Maya like I usualy do. This was at the time I was learning procedural technics in Houdini. Then I carried on with the unwrapping UV's unfolding still in Houdini and then I used Substance 3D for baking the input maps like NM, curvature, AO, etc...and texturing, and finaly Marmoset Toolbag for real time rendering and the Mviewer which I should embedded here and Adobe Premiere pro for the ken burns presentation and turn table, I chosed the enjoyable "petite fleur" music by the saxophonist soloist and composer Sidney Bechet.
I sculpted in ZBrush this Link's awakening character version based on a collectible I used as a reference. As an Art and 3D teacher, I create bunches of tutorials and courses all the way, then here is a sample. I always pick subjects, or choose characters I think students would like to work on, to make students learning with pleasure, it's really important to me in my classes. Then, I chosed Link as it's a simple character in its overall shape, but also showing a mix of organic sculpting and hard surfaces, then a very good way also to introduce the Zmodeler technics. During classes and Through this Link 3D character creation process, I clearly explaine and make demo on the video projector of these following key steps : model sheet, sculpting, retopology, UV's unfolding, texturing, set up, animation (here I used Mixamo to keep it simple) and the 3D rendering.
Mario is definitely one of my lifelong fav character, and I'm happy to present my work on this guy here, including, High def sculpting and the retopology low def using ZBrush. Showed in blue and orange coulour it's the HD version exported from ZBrush I rendered into Key shot and the retopology low def as a final rendering here in colour textured in Substance 3D Pt and rendered in Iray.
I created all the miniatures, apes and soldiers for this game, and lots of the 2D graphics. This project is still in production and should be on shelf on June 2025. All the characters are based on the observation I made while binge watching many times the movies and also thanks to all the references the 20th Century Fox shared with me, like all the turn table created by Weta Digital, which were a great support to my 3D conception and adaptation of the film characters into small table top game pieces.
Buggy de plage
I like buggy cars a lot, then I created this buggy from scratch using many reference pix of this type of cars. I used Blender for all the poly modeling and the UV's process, and I used Substance 3D Pt for baking the input maps and for texturing, I used also ZBrush to sculpt parts with higher levels of details to be kept in the NM. Then I created the number plate graphics in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Then I tested some HDR environment maps, and made some 3D rendering using Iray. I really wanted to reproduce this sparkle blue painting of the cars I took reference from.
Son Goku
Here is a collectible I created from scratch, and after my own concept art and love for this character using ZBrush. As Dragon Ball Z is one of my childhood fav anime. I had such a great time sculpting this piece in 2014, then one of my oldies. I remember I struggled at this thime making the cloud in volume because there used to be only 2D ref and nothing more, as there were not a lot of merch and collectibles of Son Goku molded back in the days.
Battle Zone
Here are some miniatures I created based on my concept art for the board game Battle Zone. I worked in ZBrush for the sculpting and used the same technics than ones used at Avalanche Software for the creation of the Disney Infinity figures which have always been a great inspiration for me in terms of Design and game idea. I also used Keyshot for the 3D rendering. I also designed some trading cards game as showed.
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